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    Good day! I love the Yuzo plugin, it is hands down the best to-the-point recent topics/articles/posts plugin ive found and I’ve been using it for all of my projects.

    Any how, I recently updated a website with WordPress 4.1.1 & BBPress 2.5.4. Upon installing and activating the latest version of Yuzo (4.2.4) I had come to notice that while still in the installed plugins screen, BBPress actually lost the “settings” & “about” links and all that showed were deactivate and edit.
    Also, the Forum was no long an option on the left side dashboard menu.
    Upon deactivating Yuzo the Forum settings and about links appeared back on the installed plugins page a swell did Forum link get restored to the dashboard menu.

    I proceeded to then create a few forums and then re-activated Yuzo. The links disappeared from the installed plugins page again and from the dashboard menu.The forums themselves still work fine on the website but Adding a new forum, editing forum settings, etc… are all gone 🙁

    Just thought I’d offer this feedback. Really like the new look of yuzo interface just want the experience to match the nice polish, cheers guys/gals!

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    You’re absolutely right, for some reason is not compatible with bbPress, it seems incredible that to happen but we will try to solve this problem.


    Update the plugin to version 4.2.5 and have the test, await your response.


    Hi, this was corrected?

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