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  • Olivier Langlois

    Here is a surprise that I have discovered since I have upgraded Yuzo-related-post to yuzo-pro:

    yuzo pro is incompatible with autoptimize option ‘Also aggregate inline CSS?’.
    This is because yuzo-pro assign a unique HTML id having a random component that change at every page load.
    related posts does not have that feature. The effect of that was that autoptimize cache was growing endlessly because the CSS was never identical.

    To fix my problem, all that was needed was to uncheck ‘Also aggregate inline CSS?’ option but this made curious. What benefits having a random and unique id for the yuzo pro widget gives? Be able to host many widgets on a single page?

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    I understand, please update the plugin to the version 0.9.981 and perform the tests.
    yuzo pro version 0.9.81

    Olivier Langlois

    hmmm. I currently have 0.9.98. Unless there are special instructions to get that version, it is not available yet from the WP dashboard…

    I will ASAP when the upgrade is available!

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