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    First of all: I love the plug-in.
    I am using the pluging as a widget and would like to change the headline style to my regular h5 heading. Wrapping the text in <h5> </h5> did not work.

    Further, I am using a multi-lanuage plug-in. How can I translate the headline, usually I use [:en] english text [:de] german text but this doesn’t work.

    Here is an example of how I use the plugin:

    Many thanks,



    1) The text in the header of the widget I’m working.

    2) What I do not understand the translation referred to.

    Kerstin Froehlich

    Thanks for your reply, looking forward to the feature.

    Regarding the translation: I am using a multilingual plugin mqtranslate (will switch to qtranslate-x) and you can use tags like “[:en] english text [:de] German text [:]” to change the text in a field depending on the selection of the language switcher. This doesn’t work with your plugin.



    And that part of Yuzo want to change the language ?, because the plugin only has a field that is “Top Text” and is the only one you have accessed manually in the language you want.

    Kerstin Froehlich

    Yes, with the qtranlate plugin I could make the headline/top text change depending on what language is selected. Let me specify the example.

    (0) Input in the back end in the headline field:
    “[:en] English text [:de] German text [:]”

    (1) Frontend output if english is selected:
    “English text”
    (2) Frontend output if german is selected:
    “German text”

    Does that make sense to you?


    Now I understand a little better, I will download the ‘qtranlate’ plugin to see how does that texts are changed.

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