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  • Davide Roccato


    I was wondering what exactly do this feature?

    I use wp-optimize to clear the transients as I read it’s ok doing it but I don’t really know what they do. Should I switch ON in the new option you provided?

    In this case, if wp-optimize clear already the transients it wouldn’t be necessary use your “delete transient” option right?



    Transient used to cache SQL queries and make the plugin will load much faster without consuming resources on your server PC.
    Yuzo uses these your own Transient and added an option to delete them directly from the plugin, the button ‘Clear Transient’ only serves to delete Transient Yuzo’s no other plugins.
    If you want to use the Transient Yuzo you have to activate the option and that would be all.

    Davide Roccato

    Ok, thank you.

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