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    At the end of every blogpost, I keep getting the same related posts per category. When it’s in the Category beauty, it keeps giving me the same four articles that are also in the category beauty. The same for all of the other category’s on my website.

    The two examples (the website is in Dutch but you are able to see what I mean:

    Review | Salt of the earth deodorant

    Review | Masque me up Moisturizing sheet mask

    Both blogposts are in the beauty topic and at the end of the blogpost it gives me the same four related posts. How can I change this? Because I also want people to see older/different blogposts. Please let me know!

    With kind regards,



    Hello, please try another relationship
    Yuzo -> Main Setting -> Medium -> Related to: Taxonomies
    I await your response..

    Daily Dazzle

    It worked! Thank you so much, it really means a lot!


    ✔ I’m glad it works for you.
    You could help me vote 5 stars for the plugin to continue improving it.

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