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  • Daniel M. Gimenez

    Hi, I like very much the concept and functionality of this plugin. It is simple, minimalistic, easy to use. However, it does not do what it suppose to do: to unlock content when post/page is shared.

    I read former posts in this support forum reporting the bug and every report got the same answer: “I’ll start working right now to solve the issue”. But the bug still remains. So, if this plugin is no longer getting updates it would be very nice to inform that on wordpress plugin’s page. And if it still getting updates, maybe it’s time to make one, because the bug is right there, in the same place where it was last time somebody reported it.

    I really want to keep this plugin. I want to try it before make my mind for the Premium version. So, I really hope this issue get solved soon; fast and adequate support is quite important for any Premium Plugin…

    I’m testing the plugin here:


    Hello, I took to solve the problem. I am currently working in the pro version Yuzo this to 95% when you finish from there I start with the problems of this plugin. sorry for the inconvenience.

    Spanish: Hola, he tardado en resolver el problema. Actualmente estoy trabajando en la version Yuzo pro que esta a un 95%, cuando lo termine desde allĂ­ empezare con los problemas de este plugin. Disculpe las molestias

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