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    Hi and thanks for your plugin!

    I like it, but I also have three problems with it:

    1) I use a plugin with subtitles. Yuzo adds the subtitle to the title in one line, without any divider in between and without any possibility to edit with css. Yarpp displays the subtitle below the title, as in general.

    2) In the text-excerpts which Yuzo creates, paragraphes are cut, but they are not replaced by a space to divide the sentences.

    3) Like some others experience too, related posts by tags doesn’t seem to work, at least in some cases. I also experience this problem with Yarpp, so the problem could be on my side. Any idea, what could be the cause? Have the number of tags and the tags themselves to be identical? Has there to be a minimal number of posts for Yuzo to work correctly?

    Thanks for your help!



    1) I do not understand this part of the subtitles ?, in part of the posts of WordPress you put the subtitles ?.

    2) When the paragraph of text is cut Yuzo adds at the end three dots “…”

    3) Yuzo works well with the relationship based on “tags”. As a recommendation you should put the tags in order of priority, with this the plugin will first show the posts that have relation with this “tag”.

    You can also try with the relationship based on “Taxonomies”, this is a list of objects of the posts, is very good too.

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