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    I was wondering whether it would be possible to set a few parameters via the shortcode?

    ie: [yuzo_related title=”another title” num=”3″ order=”desc” orderby=”rand”]

    This would be an easy addition, it would be widly used by all and would take your plugin from great to excellent. I think having these additional features would attract a lot more users.

    The top shortcode parameters would be:

    • Top Text (title top of related)
    • Number of similar posts to display
    • Order by
    • Order

    Perhaps you could offer more and add them as part of your premium version?



    Hi, this if it can be done. It would be with Yuzo widget and a combination of other plugin.

    1) Download this plugin

    2) Create custom sidebar (only for related posts yuzo)

    3) Drag Yuzo 2 widget (With different configurations each) on the sidebar of yuzo position, copy the ID widget

    4) Put it anywhere in the content like [widget id = xxx] (See the documentation of the second plugin)

    Note: If you want to put it anywhere in the template you could use <?php echo do_shortcode ('[widget id = xxx]'); ?>

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