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    I love this plugin, it looks amazin. However, I am using content blocks on some of my content pages which seems to create a problem. Although I have disabled the “Content Blocks” in the Yuzo Relate Post plugin, I still have the problem that they show after each content block additional to showing at the end of my page. This is very confusing for my visitors so unfortunately I had to disable the plugin. How can I fix this? I want the related posts only to show at the end of the page, not after each content block.

    This is some page source from the website with the content that comes right before the “related” shows:

    <div class=”content_block” id=”custom_post_widget-4203″><div style=’background-color:#edc787; color:#ffffff; ‘ class=’avia_message_box avia-color-custom avia-size-large avia-icon_select-yes avia-border- ‘><span class=’avia_message_box_title’ >Hinweis</span><div class=’avia_message_box_content’ ><span class=’avia_message_box_icon’ aria-hidden=’true’ data-av_icon=’’ data-av_iconfont=’entypo-fontello’></span><p>Drucker haben verschiedene Druckrand-Maße. Wenn die Randbereiche Deines Druckers Teile der Einladungen abschneiden, dann passe im Druck-Fenster die Einstellungen an. Wähle hierzu z.B. “an Seitengröße anpassen” oder reduziere die % Angaben z.B. von 100% auf 90%.</p>
    <!– Begin Yuzo –>


    P.S. I am using Enfold Theme.


    Hi, you have dealt with the option:
    No show in archives pages: active

    Babs Schniebel

    I don’t understand this response. The problem appears in an article.


    Send me the link to the page of the article to see the problem

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