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    My theme, Mesocolumn, allows us to add top and bottom single post ad banners in posts from the customizer. I also use a plugin call WP User Frontend that lets frontend users to submit post from a frontend form and the form includes an element that would let users upload an image from their device. This image is supposed to show up at the bottom of the post as well.

    But Related Post ends up appearing above the bottom post ad banner and the uploaded image from the plugin.

    I contacted my theme author. Since I don’t know codes so this is his reply,

    you need to consult with the plugin author on this: the issue here is the related post is echo after the_content(), there’s nothing i can do to filter in without knowing the add_filter() code for this plugin. ask the author

    ‘how to manual insert related post in single.php?’

    So I hope this will help me solve the problem.

    Thank you very much.

    Sorry that my site is still localhosted so I can’t really provide a link here.

    Best Regards

    Ed Hughes

    Sorry that I forgot to add another question:

    The label “Related Post” is too close to the bottom of post right above it. How can we add some margin on the top so it won’t be so close to the bottom of the post?

    Thank you.


    Yuzo Free gives instructions on how to put the related posts anywhere in the template, in your case it would be in the single.php file below the_content() function. Put this function under the_content() function inside single.php
    <?php if ( function_exists( "get_yuzo_related_posts" ) ) { get_yuzo_related_posts(); } ?> and desativate option Yuzo setting -> Advanced -> Automatically append to the post content

    I await your prompt reply.

    Ed Hughes


    It works properly now. Thanks a lot.

    Best regards

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