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  • Chadi Mehdi

    Hello iLen,

    In my Website i want to show Related Pages in each Page, and it is working but i have a few issues hopefully to solve with your help.

    1- Related pages appear on the top of each page, i need it to appear on the bottom of all my pages.
    2- Related pages appear with no pictures, how can i solve it without changing the layout of my every page?

    Thank you and really appreciate your answer.



    'Yuzo' appearing on top of page

    Related posts above pagination

    2) Yuzo setting -> Styling -> Choose your style (Select one of the first 2 )
    Yuzo setting -> Styling -> Height & Width image : 250
    You should get the pictures normally.

    Chadi Mehdi

    Thank you for your answer. About the second question i solved it by uploading featured photos on every page i need and deactivating the option in my theme that shows the featured pictures. And it worked!

    The first question: i don’t know anything about coding, and i really don’t want to mess with the code 🙂 i am afraid to loose everything here. If you can show me exactly where to put this code, i do it. If you want to see my website please go ahead:

    Thank you a lot.


    Upload the single.php file of your web page to to review the code and put the shortcode

    Chadi Mehdi

    Hello, thank you again, appreciate your support.
    I am not sure if i did it right, but i think what you needed was a shortcode of a link of my single.php

    Anyway here is the shortcode: i hope it works.

    Chadi Mehdi

    Is there any update?


    1) Automatically append to the post content: false
    2) upload or update code file: (line modifed 53)

    I wait for your soon response

    Chadi Mehdi

    Thank you for your help, but what i realized is that whenever you put “Automatically append to the post content” to “false”, my related pages disappear. Now with your modified code, i changed my single.php, there is no related pages in the page. I mean don’t appear anywhere.

    What is going on?

    Am i doing something wrong? Maybe i am changing the modified code incorrectly? In my wordpress i am going to Appearance > Editor > Single.pho > Copy Pase you modified code > Update
    Is that correct?

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