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  • On January the 3rd 2019, I updated Yuzo to the newest version. Before that day I hadn’t had any problem at all with the plugin. But after the update it seems like the plugin is ignoring the settings I’ve selcted for my related post section. I had my related post to be saperated by a nice margin, to be interactive on hover and so on. I’ll attach a screenshot to show how the posts are showing now. It probably won’t help. I reckon the main problem I have is that basically the plugin doesn’t seem to use the settings I chose form my related post section.


    Hi, is version Lite or Pro ?.
    You could install Recordit or a similar application so you can record in video or gif the problem that is happening and I can see what is happening.


    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    I have the lite version of yuzo. And I don’t think that video footage is needed, because basically what’s happening is that my setting aren’t working, and also I wouldn’ be able to replicate the error, if not by going back to the older version. The problem I have is something on the line of: I have set the right margin for the thumbnails of the related post section to be 14 pixels, but after the update that command doesn’t seem to be considered and the actual value that is used is 1 pixel, even though in the settings section it says 14 pixels. And the same thing goes for the color, the font size and the font transition on hover for the related post title.


    Hello, please download version 5.12.87 and try. (clean the browser cache)
    I await your response


    I updated the plugin to 5.12.88 and now it works fine. Thank you very much for the replies and the help.

    Christian Wickham

    I have a similar problem – but I updated to 5.12.88 and this did not help.
    At my newest 3 posts do not show any Yuzo related posts, but posts earlier than that are working fine.
    It may be related to the upgrade to WordPress 5.0.3? I have tried disabling and re-enabling the plugin, and re-editing the posts where Yuzo Related Posts is not working – do you have any additional steps I can try to make the plugin work?


    Riccardo Miserendino How nice that this already works for you, could you help me with a review?


    Christian Wickham Your relationship is based on TAGS and your last 3 post do not have any TAGs, that is why they are not related to each other.

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