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    I am would like to use the Related Posts plugin, as it has a lovely design. Unfortunately it is not working properly for my page.
    In the settings I configurated that I would like to see only related pages on pages, as my blog mainly consists of pages and not posts. Unfortunately, when activating the plugin, it only shows the recent pages, not the related ones. I used “Taxonomies” as a sort criteria.
    Is the plugin not working for related pages?

    I tried it for related posts, it is working, so it has something to do with the pages.
    My page: (plugin currently deactivated)

    Shall I upload the settings to have a look at it or do you maybe already know the Problem.

    Thanks a lot for your reply and the work you put in the plugin and support.
    Thanks, Chrus


    Hi, excuse the delay, I had exams at the university.
    Hello, post type “pages” does not have much relationship since they do not have “category” or “tag” taxonomies with which to relate other posts, but in a next version will cause yuzo to relate “pages” for the title and content, with this the relationship will be relevant. In the payment version if you make title relationships in “pages”. In free version the next version will be available these changes.


    Hi iLen,

    no worries, university first. Thanks for your reply.

    So do I understand it right, that right now the plugin is not able to display related pages, but the next version will do that? When is the next version going to be released (more or less)? And what will be the difference between the paid and the free version, I don’t understand the difference described above?

    Thanks and best regards


    In the version of payment if the pages are related by means of the title, that is to say according to the title the pages of relate
    In the free version does not do this, but in the next versions I plan to add it.


    Hmm, this sounds interesting.
    Could I get a test account for the paid version? If it works properly, I happy to buy the paid version. 🙂
    Thanks, Chris

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