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    My Yuzo widget does not work on the pages of authors who do not have a post published yet. For examples on this author’s page/listing:

    The widget works on all other posts and pages, including those of authors who DO have a post published.

    I have tried toggling “On” for every Post Type and the issues persists.

    Any idea what’s going on?



    Hello, yuzo widget shows post as long as it is “list post” type but if it is “related post” it will not show post on an Archive page as it is Author since it would not find any post to show.

    C How

    Hi, I am using two Yuzo widgets as “list post” (not “related post”) on the Archive pages for Authors:
    1. List Post > Last Post
    2. List Post > Most View

    The widgets do not display any posts on the Archive pages of Authors who do not have any posts published yet, but they do show posts on the Archive pages of Authors who have at least one post published.


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