ResolvedI set "automatically append to post" option to OFF but related still show

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  • Nicolas Ramz

    Is there something more to do to disable appending related posts automatically?

    I really want to append to append it myself in my template.

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    Hi, give me the url of your website for review.


    Is anyone there?

    Rrezart Bozo

    Hi I want the same thing as Nicolas.
    I want to select what posts to show on related posts.
    What options to select to do it to
    work only manually.
    2- how to show them on home page also?
    this link have 2 articles added amnually it shows only one


    1) “Automatically append to the post content”: Displays automatically post on the website, if you disable this function can use the Yuzo to add in your file ‘.php’

    2) For my ‘home’ just have to activate this option, it is always displayed as your template in the ‘home’ is a blog type

    3) Only one post leaves you manually added because in reality the ‘current post’ only has 1 related, if your ‘current post’ has 3 related can put up to 3 manually.
    The number of manually added depends on the number of ‘related post’ of the ‘post’

    Rrezart Bozo

    how to display only related posts manually, inside a post and in homepage?
    If add 3 it will show 3 , if i add 5 it will show five, if i dont add it will show nothing.

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