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  • Hi,

    I belive it’s possible but changing the plugin settings I didn’t get this result.

    I want to show in a page posts from a category or that have a specific tag.

    When I try to set this, or I don’t see any post or I see all posts.

    Can someone help?

    Thank you
    Best Regards


    Hi, the settings are general, not for specific post. But what you can do is add / remove post within the same post using Metabox.



    I’m using the widget to show posts from a single category or tag.

    When I choose in “Categories that can be related or want to be displayed.:
    Select only the categories you want to show”, don’t appear any post, and I’ve posts in all categories.

    The widget only show posts when I choose all categories.

    I tried many settings and I never could show posts from a single tag or category.

    Maybe I can send privately the site credentials


    Someone can help?

    This plugin looks like to do what I need but somehow doesn’t work fine with me.

    I can’t wait much longer for support.


    Hello, your website is ?


    Hello. Yes. I sent to you admin credentials

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