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    Im trying to implement this plugin for SEO purposes.

    I have 1000 pages on my site.

    I want to display 6 random pages (for internal linking purposes) as related pages, on every page.

    However, I want these 6 to be the same every time, so Google can index the internal linking between pages.

    Can this be achieved with the plugin? In that case, please advise what settings I should use?

    Or, does it matter? Google with Index with a certain set of random pages, and then it doesnt maybe matter that it changes for every user (with each update)?

    Thanks. Please let me know what I should do.

    Best regards



    Hi, you can do the following
    1) Install Yuzo and show related random post.
    2) Install a cache plugin, I recommend

    This would be everything, the cache plugin saves the 1000 pages in static HTML and each one has a random related post, these related post will not be changed because they are already static.

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