ResolvedHow do I re-set the plugin?

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    could you please add a setting/feature that lets me totally re-set the Yuzo plugin.

    Because right now, even if I delete the plugin and delete the folder from filezilla, the plugin is still showing related posts (I used google chrome incognito).

    I made a mistake and I updated my post – but the plugin does not detect the edits made (for example I changed the title of my post, and I changed the featured image and I deleted 1 post).

    Not sure whats going on, but its not detecting any updates I make.

    That’s why I’d love it if you could totally reset the plugin and it deletes all files it has (including SQL I mean any cache files or what ever – thats making it show the plugin even after its been deleted from filezilla) so that it fetches the correct data / images etc.

    What do you think? Could help me with that.


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    Hello, if you delete the plugin and still continues to show you is because it has some cache plugin, you have to clear the cache of your page and your browser and you will not receive the plugin

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