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    Is it possible to exclude pages from showing as related posts?


    Hello, you can exclude post within a post.

    Ef Be

    Hello again,

    thanks for support.
    This function only works with posts, not with pages, and only for this post, where i set it.

    I’am looking for the possibility, to exclude pages in principle and in all pages and post as related post.

    In the main settings of your plugin are the function “exclude category” and “exclude by tag”. That’s nice, but it’s only works with posts, because pages doesn’t have tags and category’s in the wordpress standard functionality.
    At the moment I use the detour with the a extra plugin (TagPages), to tagging pages and it works well. But it is one plugin more.

    It would be nice, you could exclude pages and posts by the ID, a shortcode or anything else.

    Thank you.


    But Yuzo not related pages

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