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  • Kurt Archer

    Is it possible t define which taxonomy of my custom post type to use to establish a related post? Right now it only gives me the option to use taxonomies in general, but I have multiple taxonomies, and so I can’t control which related posts to show on what page.


    Hello, at the moment you can not do this. Relationship based on taxonomy does so in a way that is related to that posts. It does not make it individual.

    Kurt Archer

    Is there a work around that you know of? Can I make tag a taxonomy for the custom post type and reference that? What additional filters are available in the pro version that I can make use of? I need to be able to have more control over which related posts show up.


    This is the metabox panel of the Pro version,

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    please tell me a little about the need to check if it is feasible to create it.

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