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  • David Stiehl

    Hi there! Thank you for your Yuzo and specially for making it available for everyone – and free support too? Wow, you really rock this world!

    Q.: We want to suggest related posts on based on tags, but at the moment a post only shows related posts from same tags AND category; even though we selected “Related by: Tags”

    I did not notice this before, but I think it was okay as we installed your widget.

    Thanks in advance!
    David Stiehl

    David Stiehl

    Also, when adding posts manually in “Include post” under “Yuzo post options” it will add the desired post below the text on the article page, but never on the sidebar.
    Besides, even if it worked on the sidebar too, it wouldn’t be the best long-term option for us 🙁


    1) Related by: Tags This will relate only by tags, so that this can see that it works you must have many posts, if you have little post you will not feel much the relationship.

    2) Yuzo Lite Widget is not connected to the (include / exclude) posts, only Yuzo Pro is linked to this option with the Widget

    David Stiehl

    Hi there! Thank you for answering so fast.

    1) Yea, that is what I expected. Any idea why does it show tag-related posts only within the same category then? :/
    Or how to solve the problem?

    2) Understood!

    • This reply was modified 10 months, 1 week ago by  David Stiehl.

    Yes !, this can only be done by the Pro version, mix tags with posts of the same category.

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