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    Hello, an you please explain about this:
    Enter the URL you entered above facebook or new, to place them here conduct appearing on the page but in a hidden way, this will cause the button to appear like but you can not see, so impressions win and one with the option to activate above you can avoid ‘the confirmation window’, we believe this is because each time the button is printed becomes a LIKE, so if you print secretly often avoid that window we think it works like a CTR Adsense about . This is just a theory we have investigated.


    Hello, which means that if they use the blackhat to facebook with hidden button like and whether most visits the like becomes, facebook automatically know that this is something rare and the confirmation window appears.
    What we wanted to do is that the button of your facebook fanpage is printed on each page will have a rate of so many impressions and you can follow the likes normally without falling into the confirmation window.

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