Viewed100% Width on Mobile? Not showing all 6 posts? Using PHP to call Related Posts?

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    Question 1:

    On mobile, I want the image and text of the related posts to be a width of 100% so that it takes up the whole screen. How can I make this happen? If this is not possible, can I center the images and text instead on the screen?

    Question 2:

    I have chosen for it to show 6 related posts and then to choose random ones if there are not enough in that category or tags. However, some posts only show 3, others 5… etc. How can I make sure it will only show 6 posts? I have more than enough posts for it to choose from.

    Question 3:

    I want to insert the related posts by PHP into my template. What is the code for this? I tried the code that was in the Productivity tab but it did not work.


    Question 1:
    Only the Pro version is totally responsive and adaptable to any page.

    Question 2:
    In the free version this works as long as there is no related post, then send random. In the Pro version if you fill them perfectly, if you want to show 6 and there are only 4, then Yuzo shows the 2 missing ones.

    Question 3:
    Inside your single.php put this code
    <?php if ( function_exists( "get_yuzo_related_posts" ) ) { get_yuzo_related_posts(); } ?>

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